Professional Services

IDS provides a full suite of fleet inspection services

Fleet Inspection Program Development:

  • Evaluate – IDS will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your existing fleet inspection program and provide written recommendation.
  • Design – IDS will design a customized fleet inspection programs based on recommendation and your unique requirements.
  • Training – IDS will provide remote and on-site training to all involved in your company’s fleet inspection program
  • Implement – IDS will implement the approved fleet inspection program design and ensure program is adopted throughout your company

Fleet Inspection Program Audit:

  • Program Audit – IDS will conduct regular and random audits of your fleet inspection program to ensure on-going compliance with established company policies and local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.
  • Calibration Audit – IDS will conduct simultaneous inspections with your fleet inspection team to ensure inspections are consistent, thorough, and accurate.
  • Repair Audit – IDS will conduct regular audits of your fleet inspection program to validate required repairs were completed and documented.

Fleet Inspection Program Management:

  • Staff – IDS will provide required staff to support remote and on-site fleet inspection program.
  • Coordinate – IDS will work with all of your company staff and third parties to ensure the fleet inspection program is meeting your expectations.
  • Report – IDS will provide regular and on-demand reporting of the fleet inspection program’s performance.

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